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Before You Purchase

How to Measure

Match Your Cabinet Door

Looking to replace a few cabinet doors or match your current cabinets? We're here to help!

Please fill our Matching Cabinet Door inquiry form to upload pictures of your cabinet doors.

Please provide three pictures for the following:

  • Inside Edge: showing the connection point between the "frame" and panel of your cabinet door.
  • Outside Edge: capturing the edge of the door.
  • Full View: displaying the front view of the door.

Additionally, please ensure that the joint style of your cabinet door or drawer front matches one of the options we offer: cope-and-stick (butt joints), miter, or slab-style construction.


CabinetDoorCenter Terms of Service

As a fully custom cabinetry business, it's important to read our full Terms of Service before you place your order.

Custom Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts

Material Options

We offer a wide variety of material options for our custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts ranging from premium exotic woods to durable laminate materials. 

What Can I Customize?

At CabinetDoorCenter, we take pride in providing custom cabinet doors and drawer fronts tailored to the unique needs of every customer, offering precise customization down to 1/16 of an inch across a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes. If you're seeking further personalization, our most popular option for customization lies in the outside edge profile, allowing you to add that perfect finishing touch to your cabinets.

What's is MDF?

MDF stands for Medium Density Fiberboard

MDF is a great material option for painting, but it cannot be stained or clear coated. Our wide selection of Laminate Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts all have an MDF core.

What's Our Laminate Made Of?

They are a vinyl laminate heated and pressurized onto an MDF core. Laminate cabinet doors are a great, durable, and fully finished option for your cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

What is the Meaning of PreBore?

When we say a door is prebored, it means that holes have been routed on the back of the door to accommodate European or Compact Concealed hinges. Understanding the Cup Style and Bore Distance measurements is crucial when ordering prebore. Once you have determined the cup style and bore distance, our hinge selection might help you in finding the perfect hinge for your needs!

Cup Style:
  • Cup Only: Typically used for "screw-in" hinges that require wood screws.
  • Cup and Dowel: Designed for "press-in" hinges that come with screws and plastic dowels.

Bore Distance:
The bore distance refers to the measurement from the door's edge to the edge of the "cup." It is essential to consult your hinge manufacturer to ensure compatibility with the designated bore distance.


We offer Cup Only and Cup and Dowel prebore at 3mm and 5mm bore distances.

Difference Between Cabinet Doors and Drawer Fronts

Drawer Front Construction

Depending on the selected style and design, the panels may be joined using different techniques such as cope-and-stick joints, miter joints, or slab-style construction. These joints ensure the stability and durability of the drawer front. Offered in the same styles and materials as cabinet doors for the full look. 

What are "Lazy Susan" Doors?

Our versatile doors are suitable for Lazy Susan applications, but it's crucial to consider the installation and attachment method.

For optimal results, it's recommended to use a simple style of cabinet door to ensure a seamless fit within your cabinet setup.

Examples and measuring instructions:

Butt Joint

  • For the “Back” door - Measure the opening and add overlay amount to the hinge side of the door only. This door will need a larger stile
  • For the “Top” door - Measure the opening and add overlay amount to the hinge side of the door only. then subtract 13/16” (thickness of the door it will sit on).

Attached to Lazy Susan

  • Measure the opening and subtract 1/8”. This door will need a larger stile
  • For the “Top” door - Measure the opening and subtract 1/8”. Then subtract another 13/16” (thickness of the door it will sit on).

Glass Panel Cabinet Doors

All of our cabinet doors are routed to accept 1/8" thick glass. *Please note CabinetDoorCenter does not include nor ship the glass panel. You can typically get these cut at your local hardware store.

We off both rubber and wood stops. Although, we recommend installing rubber stops because they are easier to install for your glass panel. 

  1. Trim the rubber stops to fit the frame pieces
  2. Insert the Rubber Stops into the grooves


Account and Payment

Can I Add Notes to My Order?

Order notes can be added in after you have filled out your shipping information. Please note that order notes will be reviewed for any customizations and our team may contact you with questions or adjustments to your orders' subtotal.

Why Didn't I receive an Email Confirmation?

Email confirmations are always sent to the email address specified during the checkout process. If you haven't received an email confirmation, there could be a few reasons:

  1. The order was not fully processed. Please review your cart to verify if there are any pending items.
  2. It's possible that there's a typo in your email address. Kindly double-check to ensure the accuracy of the provided email address. If you need assistance in updating it, feel free to contact us, and our friendly customer service representatives will gladly help you.
  3. Don't forget to check your SPAM inbox as well.


Post Purchase

Shipping FAQ

Learn more about our shipping on our Shipping and Delivery page.

I Have a Problem with My Order

While we strive to meticulously process and handle every order, unforeseen issues may arise. If your order arrives damaged, contains missing products, is incorrect, or is only partially delivered, we apologize for the inconvenience and kindly request that you complete our problem order form.

To assist us in resolving the matter promptly, please provide the following:

  1. Photographs of the shipping materials.
  2. Images of the product alongside a tape measurer to verify sizes.
  3. Any relevant tracking and order details you can provide.

If you require assistance to initiate the process, please feel free to contact us at 1-877-688-9058 or send an email to We are here to help.

Can I Cancel My Order?

We process all orders immediately. Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel orders in most cases.

Before placing your order, please ensure that you are fully confident with all details including your measurements, shipping address, and products selected.

Can I Edit My Order?

Once your order goes into production, we are unable to make changes to it. If you wish to add more items, we kindly ask you to place a new order. However, we are here to assist you in building your cart and ensuring a seamless shopping experience. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.