Boring Options

Most cabinet doors from CabinetDoorCenter can be purchased pre-bored for concealed or European style hinges. 

We offer two styles of borings, cup only and cup and dowel. Cup only use press-in cups without any screws or dowels for fast installation. Cup and Dowel include two additional borings for dowels, for a stronger connection. 

HBP100 HBP200
hbp100.png hbp200.png

Either boring option can be set either 3mm or 5mm from the door edge. Borings may be placed on on the left, right, bottom or top. Unless an option such a finger routing is selected, square panel doors can have it on either the top/bottom or left/right, and the door rotated to select. Arched doors will need to have the specific side noted so it will open correctly.  

Boring Name Boring Description Location
HBP100-5 HBP100, 5mm (.196") from Edge  Left, Right, Bottom, Top
HBP100-3 HBP100, 3mm (.118") from Edge Left, Right, Bottom, Top
HBP200-5 HBP200, 5mm (.196") from Edge  Left, Right, Bottom, Top
HBP200-3 HBP200, 3mm (.118") from Edge  Left, Right, Bottom, Top